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Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 Membrane


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Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 Membrane (Set of 3)

Delivery time 4-7 days
No extra delivery charges
Delivery available throughout India

Product info: Product type : Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 Membrane
Screen protection : Full screen protection
Material : 100% soft plastic sheet
Fitting : Proper for Samsung Galaxy Fold 3
Finishing : transparent
Cover Weight : 2 grams
In hand feel : very light
Protection : Gives good protection for your Samsung Galaxy Fold 3
Holes and cuts : Proper holes and cuts are available according to Samsung Galaxy Fold 3
Transparency : transparent
Extra features : mobile cover friendly, fully curved

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Important information for You guys

1. Delivery time 4-7 days (maximum)
2. No extra delivery charges
3. Delivery available throughout the India
4.Do not place any order when you are not 100% sure about buying
5.Return policy is available only when we mistakenly sent you the wrong item. A video will be required for return to be accepted.
6.Customer support is available on Instagram.
7.We give guarantee on all of our products
8. 1 mobile stand free on 2rd and one cover free on 5th order.
9. You will get a mail of your tracking id after we accept the order. we generally accept the order on same day or on next day ( sunday off).
10. we dispatch the order on same day or next day. If you place the order before 12 pm (noon) then your order will be dispatched on same day or if you have placed the order after 12pm then your order will be dispatched next day(sunday off)


Dimensions 21 × 11 × 3 cm


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